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SPIRIT ON THE WATER: Navigating the Waves of Faith & Discipleship

Get soaked with the wisdom to be gleaned from the epic water stories of the Bible including: Waters of Creation, Waters of Wrath, Waters of Deliverance, Waters of Inheritance, Waters of Mentorship, Waters of Mission, and more.

ShipwreckedSHIPWRECKED: Christian Faith in a Political Storm 

Written in a global pandemic and political unrest, this series searches the Bible’s shipwreck stories for wisdom and warnings for navigating our current societal storms and political hurricane. Sometimes God calms the storm, but other times he lets the ship go down. We need to represent Christ in either case.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 2.21.25 PMQUARANTINE LETTERS: Pastoring in a Pandemic

During the COVID-19 outbreak, I grabbed my electronic quill and ink, and continued the long legacy of writing pastoral letters to the people of God living in dangerous times. Here are my Letters to the Church in Quarantine.


I embarked on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land on February 5-16, 2020, as part of my doctoral program at Northern Seminary. I was accompanied by my ole pals Peter Herzog and Graham Neve, and a group of about 50 people. Here are some reflections from my trip.

Soul Pilgrim Slides.001PILGRIMAGE OF THE SOUL: Contemplative Spirituality

Let’s explore the “inner dimension” of spiritual life and listen to the voices of ancient and modern-day mystics and contemplatives. We’ll find that God is not just trying to get our souls to Heaven, but trying to get Heaven to inhabit our souls.

QUOTABLES: Timeless Words to Live ByScreen Shot 2019-10-21 at 8.49.19 PM

Some favorite quotes — famous and not-so-famous — I have collected and shared over the years. These are sentiments that have stirred me deeply and capture my heart of hearts. Included are my Wednesday WOWs — timeless “Words of Wisdom” (WOW) from across the ages and various thought traditions.

screen-shot-2017-02-06-at-11-00-45-amFATHER’S CABIN: A Weekend with Jesus

The Father’s Cabin is an imaginative account of Jeremy’s journey to a quiet, northern lakefront cabin where the Jesus himself is host and guide. What will we talk about? What outdoor adventures will we experience? The Father’s Cabin illuminates scripture and kingdom truths in a creative narrative style that is full of both witty humor and profound insights. This is a trip you’ll never forget!

320611225_640LIFE VERSES: Scriptures That Have Most Impacted My Life 

Hebrews 4:12 boldly asserts that “the Word of God is alive and active, sharper than a two-edged sword.” This very personal series gives a window into the key moments when God most powerfully spoke to Jeremy through His Word.

ephesiansEPHESIANS: A Trip Through Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians

Jeremy’s attempt to go verse by verse and offer some personal reflections on one of Paul’s most majestic letters revealing the most profound mysteries and unspeakable  riches of the gospel.

laundryDIRTY LAUNDRY: Are you Clothed with Christ?

At the heart of the Christian story is the command to strip off our old self like a dirty pair of clothes, and to “put on” Christ as our new identity, and not be found naked and ashamed at the Great Banquet of God. This series invites us all to God’s laundry room to do some holy stain removal.

th-5RUSH HOUR: The Road Less Traveled

The average American has a 21 minute commute and spends 175 hours per year in the car—and that’s just for work! Over a 40-year career, one will spend approximately 291 full days behind the wheel! That’s a lot of time to think about all the spiritual lessons one can glean from their time behind the wheel. Enjoy the ride!

NIC @ NIGHT: The Conversation that Changes Everything

Everyone one of us must at sometime have our own personal encounter with Jesus. Join us for this short series as we eves drop on Nicodemus’s late night chat with Jesus. This conversation from John 3 dives into the most profound spiritual realities of the entire Bible, capping off with the most well-known verse in the Bible.

NEHEMIAH: Rebuilding for God’s Glory

Nehemiah is a strong leader with a burden to rebuild what’s been broken down. This series explores some of the lessons Nehemiah teaches us about compassion, conviction, perseverance in the face of opposition, prayer, and faithful leadership.


This short series goes verse-by-verse through the Book of Jonah highlighting some lessons from one of the Bible’s most memorable characters.  These are hard lessons are best learned from someone else’s mistakes.  Jump aboard for this 6-part series and prepare for a fish tale like no other!

MAINSTREET STORIES: Testimonies of Lives Changed

When Keri and I said ‘Yes’ to starting a church in Mound, we trusted God would bring people into this journey and lives would be impacted.  We just had no idea exactly who they would be and what God would do. Here are some of the stories of lives transformed at MainStreet!

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 8.35.57 PMSEX & POLITICS: Taboo Topics Galore

For the most part I have tried to avoid controversial topics (and therefore “traffic”) over the years. Yet, I’ve weighed in enough times the twin topics of sex and politics to have the following collection for those who want the juicy scoop.

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 8.24.09 PMTHE SKEPTIC’S CORNER + Q&A

Here’s a collection of articles and resources addressing doubts and questions about the Christian faith. You’ll find links to Q&A videos with my favorite profs Greg Boyd and Paul Eddy, as well as my own responses to questions over the years.

DIVINE SUMMONS: Acts of a Hometown Apostle

This long series of posts narrates Jeremy’s journey from 2000-2007 exploring his radical transformation in college, vocational doubts in seminary, a long season of “tentmaking” jobs in Mound, and the God-encounters that led Jeremy to plant a new, apostolic ministry — The Revolution — reaching teens for Christ in his hometown.  This is the story of how the Book of Acts came alive in Jeremy’s own life as he stepped out with the faith of the apostle Paul.

GOSPEL OF MARK: On the Road with Jesus

Enjoy this growing collection of studies in Mark’s gospel including a series on Jeremy’s favorite parable of the sower, an in-depth look at the significant meaning behind Jesus’ statement in Mark 10:45, several “Christ Encounters” and many other adventures in the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of Mark.

ESSAYS: Academic Writings to Put You to Sleep

What ever happened to those old college and graduate school papers you stayed up all night writing the eve of the deadline?  Most of them are thankfully buried forever in a box or file in the basement, never again to see the light of day.  Yet, every once in a while one might have the courage to share one or two of them with the world.  Here are  a few of Jeremy’s old essays that might be worth your while.

DI MOVIE REVIEWS: Finding Faith In Film

Pop some popcorn and grab an overpriced beverage and enjoy some exclusive Daily Illumination movie reviews. In this collection of faith-focused movie reviews Jeremy attempts to identify and examine the many places where faith-related themes collide with everyday life situations in some of your favorite films. Lights, camera, action!

CHRISTMAS: Advent Writings

Your one stop shop for all things “Christmasy” including Advent devotional, Christmas reflections, Bible studies and inquiries into the history and meaning of the “most wonderful time of the year.”  Topics include an examination of the infancy narratives, the meaning and scientific evidence for the Star of Bethlehem, the significance of the incarnation and much, much more.

GOD vs. MAN-CENTERED: Seeking a More Nuanced Debate

In this short series Jeremy addresses the many false dichotomies and misguided theological assumptions standing behind the God- vs. Man-Centered debate.  Jeremy wrestles with such questions as: How God-centered is God himself?  Who is the focus of the gospel?  Exactly how is God glorified?  Does the elevation of God’s greatness require the devaluing of human greatness?  Jeremy engages the influential thinking of John Piper to argue his own case for a more nuanced perspective.

TheBibleAsIconREADING THE BIBLE: Ways the Bible Speaks & Our Response

Many today approach the Bible primarily as a self-help book full of practical tips we can immediately apply to our lives.  While the Bible does provide this we ought not restrict the Bible to this one purpose. In this series Jeremy explores a sample of the many unique ways the Scriptures confront the reader and how we should respond in each case.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 11.16.34 PMTHE FATHER’S SONG: The Divine Symphony of Scripture

One divine melody permeates the grand narrative of redemptive history.  In this series, Jeremy guides us through the biblical narrative–from Genesis to Revelation–with “ears to hear” the penetrating God-beat keeping everything in sync.  Leave the dissonance of the world  and join the Dance of the Trinity and learn how to live more in tune with God.

GARBAGE DAY: Spiritual Waste Managementthe-persistence-of-garbage-giant-ginkg

In this special 11-part Lenten series, Jeremy explores the idea of spiritual waste management.  You will read about ridding yourself of sin, the importance of spring house cleaning of the soul, managing the spiritual clutter in your lives and much more.  The series concludes with a fascinating discussion on the nature of Hell as the “cosmic landfill.”

STUDENT DRIVER: On the Road to Discipleship

Remember Drivers Ed class?  Remember Behind-the-Wheel?  In this series, Jeremy shares some of the profound similarities between learning to drive and the road to discipleship.  Jeremy writes from the unique vantage point of both a certified Driving Instructor and a youth pastor.  Buckle up!

golfgodGOLF & GOD: Spiritual Links to Life with God

Tee off on the course of life and let the game of Golf guide you closer in your walk with God.  Jeremy will teach you how to keep your faith on the fairways, avoid living out of bounds, make the most of life’s sand traps, stay out of the water, master the greens in order to finish strong, and many other fascinating spiritual links to a more abundant life with God.  Are you ready to tee off?

philippiansDEAR PHILIPPIANS: A Verse-by-Verse Bible Study

Want to dive deeper into the Bible but don’t know where to start?  Join Jeremy for a verse-by-verse exploration of Paul’s Letter to the Philippians.  This application-based study attempts to find 21st century lessons from a 1st century Roman prison cell.  Jump in with us today!

mountaingodMOUNTAIN GOD: Encounters With the Living God

This collection of “Mountain Reflections” comes from the Colorado Youth Adventure Trip Jeremy led in the summer 2009.  Mountain encounters include Moses at Mt. Sinai, Abraham on Mt. Moriah, Elijah’s showdown on Mt. Carmel and more.

cruciformjusticeCRUCIFORM JUSTICE: Suffering, Justice & Hope in Light of the Cross

Jeremy explores the tough topics of evil, suffering, justice and hope through the lenses of the Cross. Are worldly political systems the hope of the world? How does the Way of the Cross transform our concepts of power, justice and ultimate victory?  Jeremy interacts with the writings of Jurgen Moltmann, Stanley Hauerwas and John Howard Yoder in search of a more “Cruciform Justice.”

alarm-clock-400ALARM CLOCK: Biblical Reflections on Spiritual Awakening

In this 11-part devotional series Jeremy offers some humorous insights into that all-too-familiar battle to rise and shine and get out of bed. The metaphor of spiritual sleep and awakening is significant in the Bible and well worth examining in these short, daily devotional writings which include personal application questions. Are you ready to wake up and smell the coffee?