A Weekend at the Father’s Cabin

The Father’s Cabin is an account of Jeremy’s imaginative and prayer-generated journey to a quiet, northern lakefront cabin where the Son of God himself is our host and guide. The Father’s Cabin illuminates scripture and kingdom truths in a creative narrative style that is full of both witty humor and profound insights. This is a trip you’ll never forget! … More A Weekend at the Father’s Cabin

Cabin 16: The Neighbor’s Well

I’m reposting this in light of recent conversation in our Heaven LifeCourse about the nature of heaven and hell, freedom of choice, being ‘given over’ to the destructive consequences of sin, and how we are daily becoming creatures more fit for heaven and hell. -JB _________ This post is in memory of Robin Williams and a … More Cabin 16: The Neighbor’s Well

Cabin 21: Sweat it Out

Jesus led me out of the Fishing Room, down a corridor, deeper into the mysterious Fish House. The walls and ceiling were all of warm, sweet smelling cedar planking. Lanterns lined the walls giving the place a cozy cabin feel. Under my feet, the ice was replaced by granite tile covered by a long, Persian … More Cabin 21: Sweat it Out

Cabin 20: Ice Fishing

Then immediately behind me I heard the creaking hinges of a door swinging open, and turning around I saw Jesus standing in the doorway of a little wooden ice fishing shack. “Are you up for some more fishing?” he asked. As I walked over toward the shack I noticed I was still dressed in sopping … More Cabin 20: Ice Fishing