Category: Holy Land Trip

The Tunneling Tenacity of Heaven’s Light

The scandal of the Christian message is that Heaven put on a hard-hat and headlamp and came down in search of you and me—and often meets us halfway in the middle of the deepest, darkest place. No matter how twisty and snakelike our path, the Light of Salvation will always meet us where we need Him.

Stonewall Faith & Prayers

If I’m honest, I think the image of heads praying against a stonewall hits too close to home for pathetic pray-ers like me. Haven’t we all tried to draw nearer to God’s presence in prayer, but felt like our prayers were deflecting off of a glass ceiling or crashing into a thick stone wall?

Tears in the Cracks

If you stare long enough at all the paper-prayers smooshed into the cracks of that enormous wall, one wonders if the cracks grow a bit wider each day in proportion to the cumulative suffering and loss experienced by our human race as the LORD tarries in His return.

Touching Where Heaven Touched Earth

Suddenly you are funneled into that little doorway as you descend to your golden moment, whereupon you have about 10 seconds to observe and pay homage at the spot where Heaven invaded Earth and Eternity kissed mortality before a staff person shoos you onward to keep the line moving.