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GOLF & GOD (9): Mulligans & Scorecards

“What did you get on that hole?”  the scorecard keeper asks.  Your answer may not be as simple as just counting up your strokes.  For many, this question immediately forces an ethical dilemma or sparks an internal wrestling match with one’s conscience.  Do I tell him the truth– […]

GOLF & GOD (6): The Mind Game

Every golfer knows that what goes on between the ears is just as critical for success as all the other mechanics that go into a golfer’s game.  In fact, long after you have mastered the mechanics of a smooth, skillful golf swing, the mental game continues to be […]

GOLF & GOD (5): Water Hazards

The Coeur d’Alene Resort Golf Course of Idaho is the proud home of the world’s first floating green — an intimidating target with water on all sides.  But remember, “everything breaks towards the water.”  Ka-plunk! Splash!  Ever have one of those rounds where it seems as though if […]

GOLF & GOD (4): Out of Bounds

Almost every single sporting game involves the use of established boundaries and penalizes players for going “out of bounds.” Whether we’re playing football, baseball, soccer, the gymnastics floor exercise or the game of golf, every honest player accepts the established boundaries and agrees to abide by the official […]

Welcome to the Club House!

Welcome to the Club House.  Get your clubs ready and your shoes laced up.  We are preparing to tee off on a new discipleship series called Golf & God: Spiritual Links to life with God.  Jeremy continues to bring us devotional writings that cleverly and applicably link faith with […]