Category: Ephesians

Praying with Paul (Eph 1:16-19)

Our prayers reveal our priorities. The requests we bring before God give a window into our heart’s greatest concerns at any particular moment. Sometimes they are petty and selfish: “Lord, help me find a good parking spot” or “Help me pass this test I didn’t study for.” Often […]

Tossed by the Waves (Eph 4:14)

On the one hand, we have a loveless Truth wrapped in verbal explosives running around blowing things up and worsening the divide. On the other hand, we have a soft, squishy inoffensive Love parading herself around as the best way forward for society, but she forgot to pack the Truth when she set out on her journey. 

What Keeps Me Awake? Pt. 2

What keeps me awake at night is wondering if all of my pastoral efforts are actually producing disciples. Are we just keeping people busy with programs and gatherings, or are people being gradually (and imperfectly) formed into Christlikeness? I felt Paul’s exasperation lately over his beloved church when […]

Political Fervor & Christian Apathy

This is a timely repost from about 2011 when MainStreet was just getting launched. It was during another local election season where people were passionately campaigning for and against a school referendum. You can sense my urgency and deep burden for our local community.  Regardless how we vote on November 8, may […]