When to Use the “S” Word

LENTEN REFLECTION SERIES The ancient Christian season of Lent is a 40-day journey leading up to Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Traditionally, Christians have observed this 40-day season through intentional self-examination and repentance, demonstrated by self-denial and fasting.  I would like to spend this Lent by a series of reflections on the theme of sin … Continue reading When to Use the “S” Word

GARBAGE DAY 11 – Locked From The Inside (Hell 3)

Now for a second key point to Jesus's "cosmic landfill" image of Hell. We should not speak of eternal damnation as something God imposes on us against our will, as if we had no choice in the matter. Jesus has taken our trash upon himself, his offer of forgiveness is always before us and he … Continue reading GARBAGE DAY 11 – Locked From The Inside (Hell 3)

GARBAGE DAY 10 – Scissors That Won’t Cut (Hell 2)

What then does Jesus' graphic allusion to Jerusalem's garbage dump tell us about the nature of hell? First, as we have already discovered, each person has been created for the common purpose of bringing glory and praise to the Creator.  We were made to be showcases of God’s majesty.  We fulfill this role whenever we … Continue reading GARBAGE DAY 10 – Scissors That Won’t Cut (Hell 2)

GARBAGE DAY 9 – God’s Cosmic Landfill (One Hell of a Mess)

Earlier I mentioned the unpopularity of the topic of repentance both inside and outside the church today. An even more hair-raising, gut-wrenching topic, offering a greater challenge to our culture’s sensibilities is the idea that an all-loving, all-merciful God would send people to some hell for all eternity. Shall we pour a cup of coffee and talk about Hell for a moment?