A Mustard Seed Future For the Church

If people could open up my mind and peek into my thought-world, they’d find an amusement park full of wild ideas rising and falling like rollercoasters, a hyper-colored circus full of spiritual insights roaming like elephants a under the big tent, and outside the box ministry visions shooting across my mind like clowns out of a cannon.

“You Have Just ONE Job!”

I love the Geico commercial where a guy who is putting down chalk lines on a baseball field starts daydreaming that he’s swerving through the mountains on his motorcycle singing, “Build Me Up Butter Cup.” He snaps out of it to find curvy chalk lines all over the baseball field. He asks, “Do you think anyone will notice?”

Welcome Back, Church!

After a long time apart, or online, it’s time to come back together for fellowship and worship. This summer is a great opportunity to place weekly worship and Christian fellowship back into your life as “an anchor for the soul” (Heb 6:19). Here’s a preview.

Grace in a Hot Tub

There are moments in our Christian walk when we hear the rooster crow, and realize we have blown it in our attempts to follow Jesus’ Way in our interactions with others. Let me share a story of a day when I heard the rooster crow. I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw.