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Not a Zero-Sum Kingdom

Behind Pharaoh’s brutality and injustice was the fear of scarcity. It’s a theme that occurs throughout the Bible, throughout human history, and which still plagues modern societies.

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Sabbatical Thoughts & Crumbling Sidewalks

And she began to explain in 2nd grade terms what no 8-year old should ever have to explain…something this 42-year old can’t find words to explain or make sense of. I walked behind the two, watching my son’s innocent world being punctured, and helplessly watching the ground literally and figuratively becoming less stable under his little feet.

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Wisdom in a World of Sound & Fury

My singular call these days is to try to get people under my influence to turn down the volume on the worldly voices (social media, cable news, etc.), and to turn up the volume on wiser voices. David Brooks is one of the wise voices in public life.

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