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Come, Seek, See & Abide

Join us Sundays at 5pm as we open the Gospel of John and heed Jesus’ invitation to COME, SEEK, SEE and ABIDE like never before.

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Wise Letters for Weary Souls

“I read your letters over and over, to help remind me that I am not alone,” said one parishioner during the early months of the pandemic. Another said, “While I love a Sunday sermon, I felt these letters so much more deeply in my heart.”

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Jesus As LifeCoach

“Anyone who listens to my teaching and puts it into practice is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock.” Matthew…

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January 6: A ‘Christian’ Insurrection?

The problem wasn’t simply that the mob displayed Christian symbols, but that they saw no contradiction between those symbols and their actions. The cross is a symbol of surrender and self-sacrifice; it represents Jesus’ relinquishing of power and his refusal to retaliate against his enemies. At the Capitol, however, the cross was erected next to a gallows and carried by those calling for their political enemies to be executed.

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