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Birthday Reflections

The Best Birthday Gift is Live Music!

My amazing wife is giving me the greatest gift I can think of for my 40th birthday: the chance to share the beauty and joy of dancing and swaying, eating and […]

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Weekly Dig (Acts 16; Jn 14 & 5)

SIXTH SUNDAY OF EASTERTIDE | Acts 16:9-15; John 14:23-29; 5:1-9 Are You Open? by Jeremy Berg Most of us have seen Warren Sallman’s famous painting Christ at Heart’s Door based […]

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Peter Bjorn: Shining Like a Star (and van Gogh)

 “And a child shall lead them.”  Isaiah 11:6 Our 7-year old, Peter Bjorn, made this precious cityscape that really caught my eye. It reminds me of a passage from Philippians. […]

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Weekly Dig (John 13:31-35)

How can such beauty come out of a situation so ugly? How can grace withstand such a tidal wave of heartlessness? How can love flow so freely between these river banks of betrayal?

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Faces Downcast to Eyes Opened

Sitting around that table the hidden face of God suddenly becomes visible. The stranger becomes a dear friend. The empty hole in our heart is suddenly filled. The darkness is vanquished by piercing light. Hope is resurrected to dance a jig on the corpse of Despair. At that table the lump in our throat is replaced by an irresistible burning in our heart.

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Weekly Dig (Acts 9:36-43)

FOURTH SUNDAY OF EASTER| Acts 9:36-43 Garage Sale Theology  by Jeremy Berg Spring time in the upper midwest brings many good things back from the icy clutches of winter—including garage […]

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Dandelions: A Modernized Parable

Originally posted on DAILY ILLUMINATION | Jeremy Berg:
When Sarah was a little girl, she loved to dance and twirl barefooted across the soft green grass of her childhood home and…