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He Chose Them, And Us Too!

In today’s Mount Mystic Meditation, I want you to reflect on what it feel like to be “chosen” for something special. Can you think of a time you were selected for some special role, or reward, or experience, or trip? Likewise, how does it feel to be overlooked and watch others get chosen ahead of you?

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Advent Podcast Series

In this podcast series, see how the Beatitudes of the Kingdom were anticipated in the unlikely cast of characters who make up the Nativity Story.

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Seeing the Kingdom of God

Many Christians’ faith is more about reaching a destination (Heaven) and avoiding another (Hell), than it is about adjusting our eyes to the light of God’s Kingdom and contemplating His divine glory now.

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Christmas on Mount Mystic 2: Arrival

Well, here I am in the cozy surroundings of Eli and Sophia’s log cabin. A neighbor down the road, a carpenter by trade, was sent by Eli to prepare a fire for when I arrived. All I had to do was strike one match and the fire was burning warm and bright. The crackling and glow are already calming my restless soul. 

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