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Pastors as Spiritual Guides

This is the final post in a 4 part series. Read part 1, part 2, and part 3. I’m writing this from a monastery where I am diving deeper into the writings of the ancient Desert Fathers and later mystics and spiritual masters such as Saint John of […]

Pastor: Shepherd or CEO?

Modern day pastors have been all too willing to accept the role of a CEO running the church like a business, serving more as a visionary leader than a shepherd of souls. We’ve served the bottomline more than the “least of these.” Board rooms and whiteboards have replaced prayer […]

From Big Box to Big Souls

The big box “church-as-business” model that arose in the last quarter of the 20th century was a complete (and short-lived) anomaly in the long 2,000 year history of Christian ministry. It rode the wave of American-styled capitalism and is grounded in the values of American consumerism and market […]

Reclaiming the Pastoral Vocation

Over three decades ago, my late hero and Protestant “Saint” (if Presbyterians canonized people) Eugene Peterson wrote the following in the opening paragraphs to his book on pastoral ministry called Working the Angles (1987): “American pastors are abandoning their post, left and right, and at an alarming rate. They […]

ESSAY: Jesus: Scribe, Prophet or Both?

This short essay seeks to answer the question: “Did Jesus act more like a scribe or a prophet (or both)? Martin Hengel concludes his careful exploration of Jesus’ identity stating “Neither the misleading term “rabbi” nor the designation “eschatological prophet,” which is likewise open to misunderstanding, can adequately characterize […]

Hangin’ on a Vision

I spent a long season of “waiting on God” for a vocation that would both utilize my gifts and impact the Kingdom.  Nothing was more thrilling than those moments where God seemed to give me a glimpse of a vision of the kind of life I want to […]

Discerning God’s Call

I’m reposting this always timely topic. This post was also featured at Jesus Creed last year HERE. We love to throw around the notion of career “calling” and “vocation,” both in the context of Christian ministry and secular career.  I believe we’ve becomesloppy in our concept and understanding of […]

The Trinitarian Calling

My recent post on Vocation and calling featured at Jesus Creed evoked some great comments that were helpful in taking my thoughts forward.  Michael Kruse’s comments in particular are worth sharing repeating here.  I found his reference to a trinitarian framework for calling very fascinating: I don’t know […]