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My Favorite Love Song

I am just going to say it. I’m going on record. Even though I may need to cash in some “man chips” in doing so, Elton John’s “Your Song” as one of my all-time favorites. Not just Top 10. Probably Top 5. I’m gonna even risk losing friends […]

My Top 11 Beatles Songs

I’ve caught a little Beatles fever on the 50th anniversary of the British invasion. I enjoyed the CBS Grammy tribute last night. So, I’m trying to do the ridiculous, the impossible, the utterly absurd: choosing my top Beatles songs. Here are some of my favorites — typically happy, acoustic […]

Top 10 Evangelical Stories of 2009 (CT)

Colin Hansen at Christianity Today counts down the events, debates, and books that shaped evangelical theology over the past year.  He introduces his top 10 saying, Theology is not a discipline perfectly suited for annual evaluation. New insights and challenges may bounce around theological journals and conferences for […]