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Cabin 21: Sweat it Out

Jesus led me out of the Fishing Room, down a corridor, deeper into the mysterious Fish House. The walls and ceiling were all of warm, sweet smelling cedar planking. Lanterns lined the walls giving the place a cozy cabin feel. Under my feet, the ice was replaced by […]

GOLF & GOD (4): Out of Bounds

Almost every single sporting game involves the use of established boundaries and penalizes players for going “out of bounds.” Whether we’re playing football, baseball, soccer, the gymnastics floor exercise or the game of golf, every honest player accepts the established boundaries and agrees to abide by the official […]

GARBAGE DAY 1 – Got Junk?

The following Lenten reflections come from a chapter entitled “Garbage Day” from an unpublished devotional book of mine exploring the deeper realities of faith through the daily routines of life (read more about my “Sacred Analogies”).  This chapter explores the reality of the spiritual garbage (i.e., sin) in […]

QUOTABLES: Peter Kreeft

All sin is spiritual garbage, and necessarily meets its end in destruction.  God can’t let garbage into heaven.  Only if the “sinner” won’t let go of his garbage does he get burned with it.  God offers to take the garbage off his back, to separate the “sinner” from […]

GARBAGE DAY 3 – Ooh, What’s That Smell?

Garbage is simply that which goes to waste. It has no positive value, serves no meaningful purpose and is therefore good only to be discarded or burned up. When we let our trash overflow with useless waste, the mess only inhibits the freedom and joy the “abundant life” (John 10:10) wants to give us. Waste gets in the way, it smells up the house, and detracts us from the beautiful, rightly ordered life God has made us for….