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WATCH: The Prince of Peacemakers

On Christmas Eve we wrap up our “Beatitudes of Bethlehem” Advent series by looking at the Prince of Peacemakers. What if ‘peace’ was more than a sappy sentiment or pretty proposition? Take a journey back to a first century prison cell to discover a “peace that surpasses understanding” […]

Quarantine Letters: Be Still

We need calm hearts, ears tuned to God’s frequency and a mighty fortress when the world is coming unhinged, not when we’re meditating at a quiet retreat center! We need Jesus’ calming presence in our boat not when the sun is shining and the fish are biting, but when the storm is raging and the boat is sinking.

Sermon: The Greatest Gift

Someone has said that the door of the stable where Jesus was born was very low to the ground, so people had to bow down humbly on their hands and knees in order to approach the manger to worship the savior. And did you ever notice that we find the same kind of folks surrounding the manger as we find at the foot of the cross?

CrossRoad 4: Temptations

This Lent we’re exploring how the Cross was not just the way Jesus died, but also the new pattern for how Jesus’ followers are supposed to live. We’re called to not only embrace the CrossEvent, but also learn to walk the CrossRoad. The season of Lent begins with Jesus […]

A Bedtime Prayer (Psalm 4)

Today, many of us sink our weary heads onto our pillows and fall asleep staring at our smart phone screens, scrolling Facebook one last time, trying to clear our email inbox, or checking the newsfeed again. And studies keep revealing our tech habits are producing one of the […]

A Case for a Cruciform Justice

It seems hardly necessary to make an argument for the universally experienced suffering and injustice prevalent in the world. If pain really is God’s “megaphone to rouse a deaf world”, as C. S. Lewis argued, then the message is deafeningly clear and God might consider turning the volume down a bit. What then is the church’s appropriate response to the world’s injustice and suffering?

Texts for Taming the Tongue

I compiled a sampling of sacred texts below that can help us be more loving and wise in our interactions on social media. If only all Christians would seriously consider these words before they send off that tweet or make that comment on a friend’s post. These are […]