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WATCH: The Prince of Peacemakers

On Christmas Eve we wrap up our “Beatitudes of Bethlehem” Advent series by looking at the Prince of Peacemakers. What if ‘peace’ was more than a sappy sentiment or pretty proposition? Take a journey back to a first century prison cell to discover a “peace that surpasses understanding” […]

Learning to Swim in Your Faith

Images abound for our tendency to settle for less than the best. “Failure to launch.” “Cold feet.” “The boat is still in the harbor.” “She needs to spread her wings to fly”—and sometimes you need to kick them out of the nest before they’ll ever try. 

One Body, Many Ethnic Parts

Anyone interested in a sample of my academic work, here’s a full essay on race and ethnicity in the ancient world and today. (I shared a few sections a few weeks back.) Dr. Dennis Edwards said of it, “This is great, dare I say prophetic!” Unfortunately, the formatting […]

Two Go-To Habits (Mike Fox)

LECTIONARY REFLECTION | COLOSSIANS 1:1-14 This week’s New Testament lesson comes from Paul’s letter to the church at Colossae.  Read full passage here. Paul does a couple things here that we can learn from and imitate. First, Paul takes the time to say thank you.  Paul affirms who the […]

Are You Open?

LECTIONARY REFLECTION | Acts 16:9-15; John 14:23-29; 5:1-9 Most of us have seen Warren Sallman’s famous painting Christ at Heart’s Door based on Revelation 3:20 where Jesus says, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” Jesus glows with the light of fresh hope while the dark thorns […]