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Heaven & Hell Q & A

I highly recommend this!  I will be attending and hope to bring along with me as many MainStreet friends as possible. This will be a fun, thought-provoking field trip together. -JB Woodland Hills Church’s next Q&A with Greg Boyd and Paul Eddy is coming up on Tuesday, June […]

My Spiritual Mentors

Few teachers have been more influential in my spiritual journey through college and seminary (and beyond) than Greg Boyd and Paul Eddy.  One of the lessons I’m trying to learn from them is not to take myself too seriously.  Here’s yet another teaching moment.  I’m taking notes. =) […]

James Ossuary Debate Continues

I’m assuming you have all heard about the scandalous James Ossuary discovered in Jerusalem in 2002, right?  If not, this amazing artifact is a first century burial bone box with the inscription “James son of Joseph, Brother of Jesus.”  Is this really the burial box of Jesus’ brother?  A […]