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The Unbearable Silence of Monday

Yesterday I began my next doctoral essay. Here’s a sneak peek at the introduction -JB. “If you had sent a letter…there would have been nothing to prevent my seeming to be actually in your company, and enjoying it as though we had been together… But why do you not write?” –St. […]

Pastors: The Happy Job?

This is from Mark Stevens, who blogs at the Parson’s Patch: Are most Pastors really happy? I read an article recently that listed pastors as the happiest of all workers. It appears being a pastor is the most fulfilling of all vocations. Second on the list were fire-fighters (now […]

Podcast Pastors

Found this at Jesus Creed.  I think this is an important topic needing to be addressed. From Trevin Wax’s post as reported at CP: There’s a dangerous trend among Christians today, according to one Christian: Podcast sermons are increasingly replacing real pastorship. “What is dangerous is not listening to podcasts, […]

MOVIE REVIEW: “Revolutionary Road”

If you like fun, action packed thrillers or light-hearted, heart-warming romantic comedies, then Revolutionary Road (2008) is definitely NOT for you.  However, if you like well-acted, deeply moving stories that tackle the deeper issues of life such as the search for personal happiness and purpose, finding meaning and […]