“Organic Church” by Neil Cole

Have you read "Organic Church" by Neil Cole?  I'm about to.  I've read all the buzz about this revolutionary movement of dissatisfied Jesus-f0llowers who dream of paving new inroads into a culture that has grown disinterested in the church-as-usual.  I am one of them. I've been part of sparking this kind of missional Christianity in … Continue reading “Organic Church” by Neil Cole

VIDEO: What is the Missional Church?

Is "being missional" more than the latest church conference buzzword?  Is this a passing fad or a necessary rediscover of an essential characteristic of the very definition of church?  Dan Kimball offers some help in capturing what it means to become more missional: - Being missional means that the church sees itself as beingmissionaries, rather than … Continue reading VIDEO: What is the Missional Church?