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Meaning of the 12 Days of Christmas

UPDATE: Thanks to a friend, I have been informed that apparently the so-called Catholic origins of this song and encoded meaning is a fanciful myth. Read here. If someone has some research to back up these claims, please send them my way. My apologies for spreading the myth. :) […]

His Name Is Peter 1

My firstborn buddy turns 3 years today, and I’m reposting this series from his birth on the meaning of his name. Enjoy! -JB What’s in a name, anyways?  In a culture where most parents choose names that sound nice or are currently trendy, we find ourselves far from […]

VIDEO: What does it mean to be saved? (Boyd)

Here’s two clips of a sermon by Greg Boyd called ‘Taking Out the Trash‘(5/11/2008) where he addresses the central question: What does it mean to “get saved?” Many people (especially people in the United States) see salvation as a one time event and the result of “believing” certain things about God. […]