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Advent Service (Week 3)

This week’s service features a talking camel, jumping jingle bells, a message on “Blessed are the Merciful” from Jonnie Goodmanson and music from our MainStreeters abroad – Jared & Shannon King – who live in Slovakia, as well as special music by Jonnie & Jeremy.

Amanda’s Story

MainStreet is a church is worth investing in because they are meeting people where they are and helping them move forward with Christ. MainStreet is small, but they are mighty, and I am just one story. Without MainStreet my story would have been very different.

2020 Vision Sunday

What an amazing privilege to lead a community where lives are being impacted! Just came across this video from a while back and wonder what new “impact stories” we’ll be sharing in the near future. Been thinking about checking out MainStreet sometime? This Sunday, November 3, is 2020 […]

‘House Church’ Revisited

The original vision for MainStreet was centered around the “house to house” fellowship described in the Book of Acts. The more formal nature of a Sunday service in a church building was to be viewed as secondary. We dreamed of a number of house groups popping up all […]

My Immovable Rock (2010)

We’re celebrating 7 years of God’s faithfulness this week. Here’s something I wrote in the summer of 2010 when MainStreet was still “merely a vision living in our hearts and not yet taking root in the community in any tangible, concrete way.”  Then many of YOU came along and […]

Shannon’s Story

Shannon’s first time at MainStreet was attending her 36-year old brother’s funeral. Few words were exchanged that day but I (Jeremy) could tell she was weighed down by more than brother’s passing. I ran into her sometime later and she informed me that she was going into treatment […]

Tony’s Story

We’re GIVING THANKS for lives impacted at MainStreet this past year! This is Tony’s story: For a long time I was hardcore cynic who didn’t find any value in the church. I walked away from faith in college. I mainly saw hypocrisy in the church and had never […]

Funding the Jericho Inn: A MainStreet Update

Jesus’ mission prioritized the marginalized and neglected people of his day. He didn’t send out his apostles—i.e., “church planters”—saying, “Go ye therefore to the sprawling suburbs and invite the upwardly mobile dual income families with children.” He said, “Go out quickly into the streets and alleys of the town and bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame” (Luke 14:21). Would you try growing a church with such folks?