The Palms of His Hands

I tend to be a bit forgetful at times. I’ll walk upstairs to get something but forget what it was when I arrive. I’m still in my 30s but I swear my short-term memory is fading!  The obvious solution for this affliction is to write things down, make lists, or plug it into my iPhone calendar….

Mittens for Yvonne (by Nancy Adsem)

By Nancy Adsem I make mittens.  I love the search for old wool sweaters and great buttons – the cutting and stitching and lining with fleece.  Each pair is different and, I think, has a unique “personality”. Each fall I gather with another mitten friend, and we sell our mittens at an out-door Christmas festival…

Cross, Atonement & Paul Peter Waldenstrom

“Oh! How dear and precious to your heart you will find God to be when you thus behold him in Christ. Because in Christ you have the true manifestation of him.” P. P. Waldenstrom (1838-1917), Swedish Covenant Pastor & Theologian I’ve been exploring the meaning of Jesus’ death and atonement theology recently. We just watched…

The Most Powerful Force of All

“I always tell my kids that while most people in the world just want to kill and get rid of the bad guys, Jesus wants to change bad guys into good guys. While guns have the power to kill bad guys, only love moves us toward an enemy with the compassion and hope for transformation. A gun or nuclear warhead can destroy our enemy, but only love has the potential to transform an enemy into a friend.”

Happy 42nd Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

She was 16 years old, and for some reason attending a dance at the Technical College in her hometown. He was about 20, and for some reason flirting with a high school girl. (It was the 70s after all – people did a lot of “iffy” things.) He asked her to dance. She said yes….

Clothes Shopping with Apostle Peter (1 Peter 2:1)

“Man, I look good!” I said to myself as I tried on a new shirt and sport coat at Target this week. I rarely buy new clothes — maybe a couple new shirts each year and some new jeans when the old ones get too “holy” even for our church! As we continue our study of 1…

Why Fear a God of Love? (1 Peter 1:17-19)

Join us as we continue our journey through 1 Peter verse by verse! Last post we explored 1:13-16 where Peter helps us set our hopes not on any earthly hope but on the salvation realities found in Christ. In a world driven about by knee-jerk emotionalism and untamed desires, we are called to be driven instead by minds…