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A Bigger Salvation Story

ASCENSION SUNDAY | Luke 24:44-53 One of the difficulties we have in reading and understanding the Bible is that we often unintentionally plug individual passages and key concepts into a controlling story that is foreign to the Bible. This results in making the Bible answer questions it was […]

Twisted Love

How can such beauty come out of a situation so ugly? How can grace withstand such a tidal wave of heartlessness? How can love flow so freely between these river banks of betrayal?

Spontaneous vs. Recited Prayers

Are original, spontaneous prayers the only prayers that come “from the heart”? Why do many Christians look down upon recited or written prayers as inferior?  In a recent sermon I mentioned this aversion to “recited prayers” and preference for so-called prayers that come “from the heart.” I think […]

Locked Doors, Deflated Hearts

This Thursday we will gather in our home for our first HouseChurch gathering of the spring. We will share a meal, fellowship, hear the apostles’ teachings, celebrate the eucharist and pray for Thy Kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven. The shades will be up […]