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Pearls Before Social Media Swine

“Don’t reduce holy mysteries to slogans and Christian bumper sticker cliches and memes…Don’t paste what is holy on people’s pages who are unholy and unreceptive to spiritual things. Don’t throw your pearls and treasured convictions before social media swine! They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you with their own strong opinions.” -JESUS

Apocalypse Now 5: Garden City

Part 5 of our Revelation series looks at the church’s call to resist the seduction of Empire and worldly power, avoiding the mark(s) of the Beast and bearing the marks of Christlike character. We should fix our eyes on the New City that will someday come down to Earth, and become a here-and-now colony of Heaven in the middle of this groaning creation.

My Immovable Rock (2010)

We’re celebrating 7 years of God’s faithfulness this week. Here’s something I wrote in the summer of 2010 when MainStreet was still “merely a vision living in our hearts and not yet taking root in the community in any tangible, concrete way.”  Then many of YOU came along and […]

MainStreet Beginnings, Intro

Here’s the introduction to “MainStreet Beginnings” book as we mark our 7th anniversary. Read more about the project here. Contact me if you’re interested in getting a copy.  INTRODUCTION: A Hometown Apostle I was an unlikely choice—but then that sort of makes me a more likely choice in God’s […]