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ESSAY: Jesus: Scribe, Prophet or Both?

This short essay seeks to answer the question: “Did Jesus act more like a scribe or a prophet (or both)? Martin Hengel concludes his careful exploration of Jesus’ identity stating “Neither the misleading term “rabbi” nor the designation “eschatological prophet,” which is likewise open to misunderstanding, can adequately characterize […]


Dear Beloved, I use that salutation purposefully, knowing how strange it must sound to contemporary ears: “Dear Beloved?” We live in an age of quickly shot-off emails and spontaneous texts that begin with an informal “Yo” or “Hey”(if there’s any salutation at all). But let me tell you […]

Redefine Me (by Danny Evans)

Co-dependency is my tendency. I worry what others think. I analyze every move considering if it was a wink or just a blink. Always apologizing even if I didn’t make a mistake is agonizing to take. I rely on the praise of people, but now I worship the […]