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“There is a beautiful and powerful grassroots Kingdom movement arising all over the globe …. Millions of people are abandoning the Christendom paradigm of the traditional Christian faith in order to become more authentic followers of Jesus. From the Emergent Church movement to the Urban Monastic Movement to […]

“The Limbaughization of Christianity”

What happens when the gospel of the Jesus-shaped Kingdom of God is intermixed with a political ideology?  Answer: Listen to any political talk show pushing a political agenda while buttressing it with religious rhetoric usually involving the phrase “Judeo-Christian” values.  Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, offers a very […]

“The Cosmic Dance” by Greg Boyd

The Cosmic Dance by Greg Boyd (forthcoming) Since we’re on the theme of the cosmic dance, here’s a fascinating project by Greg Boyd, one of my biggest influences and favorite teachers.  Get ready egg-heads!! “Christus Victor Ministries is working with an artist, page designer and photographer to create The Cosmic […]