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One Chirp at a Time

Here’s another DI classic post from back in the spring of ’06. I heard a bird chirping today. I actually stopped for a brief moment andlistened. It was a good sound, and a good sign. Sign of what? A sign, I believe, of freedom. A freedom from self-absorption. […]

Prayers for Haiti

Scot McKnight’s thought on Haiti: Last night I read this from Randy Harris, God Work – Confessions of a Standup Theologian: One of the things we do as Christians is to try to pay attention to what God might be able to do in the world, especially with […]

Greg Boyd Q&A: God & Tornados

In light of the recent John Piper interpretation of the Minneapolis tornado, Greg Boyd hosted a Q&A centered around the debated concept that God might be behind the natural disasters in the world…as well as other related questions from the congregation.  Well worth checking out links below! LISTEN […]