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Wedding Crashers (John 2:1-11)

“We’re running out of kabobs already!” someone (probably the mother of the bride or groom) informed the wedding party in a bit of a panic. “Everyone hasn’t even been through the buffet yet!” The night was still young and they had spent good money on grilled salmon-kabobs to […]

10 Challenges of Being a Pastor

By Hershael York  By its very nature, the field of pastoral leadership is fraught with such incredible difficulties that we must say with the Apostle Paul, “Who is sufficient for these things?” Leading God’s people is unlike any other task in the world — which is why it requires […]

The Weeping Pastor

“You’re name is NOT Jeremy!” the large, black man shouted into my ear with his thick Caribbean accent. His hands were heavy on my shoulders as he stood over me as I sat helplessly in a chair in a dim-lit room. “Your true name is Jeremiah! You are […]

Dear Class of ’98 (on our 20th)

Dear MWHS Class of ’98, Our 20th high school class reunion has arrived! In a few hours the class of ’98 will be strapping on our Birkenstock sandals, donning our baggy button down shirts over cargo Khaki’s from Gap, and driving to Lord Fletcher’s with Green Day’s “Good […]

A Desert Prayer

I need to drown again in the regenerating waters of my baptism. I’m drowning on the world’s air and gasping for water this week. I preached about abiding in the Christ on Sunday, and have spent the entire week making sand castles in a God-forsaken desert.

God’s Lazy River

John describes his experience of Christ — his faith — as far more than a collection of beliefs. He sounds like he’s completely immersed in God-reality, floating on a lazy-river of Christ-awareness, and being swept up in the easy, life-renewing currents of Trinitarian Presence.

Tale of the Cursed Fig Tree

What if the fig tree Jesus cursed could tell his side of the story? This is an imaginative retelling of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem to shouts of “Hosanna!” during his last week, and how his fate was strangely intertwined with the fate of that old tree.


Dear Beloved, I use that salutation purposefully, knowing how strange it must sound to contemporary ears: “Dear Beloved?” We live in an age of quickly shot-off emails and spontaneous texts that begin with an informal “Yo” or “Hey”(if there’s any salutation at all). But let me tell you […]