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Counting on God: Kingdom Mathematics

It’s easy to get obsessed with numbers in our world. The more the merrier. The bigger the better. A packed room makes a fun party, and a poor turnout has us asking, “What’s wrong?” Make no mistake about it, numbers do matter. Especially when it concerns the spreading […]

A Graduate Blessing: Live A Love Song

I wrote this blessing for an outstanding young Christian graduate and musician friend. But it is a good challenge to all. -JB Dear young Christian graduate, As you graduate from high school and prepare for the chapter of your life (“adulthood”), allow me to offer this blessing and […]

FATHER’S SONG 1: The Dance of the Trinity

SERIES INTRO: One divine melody permeates the grand narrative of redemptive history.  In this series, Jeremy guides us through the main episodes of the biblical narrative with “ears to hear” the penetrating God-beat keeping everything in sync.  Leave the dissonance of the world and join the Dance of […]

EPHESIANS 1: Introduction

A few years back I was able to blog through the entire Letter to the Philippians, which was a long and arduous journey. But rich and rewarding too. I hope to do the same with the Letter to the Ephesians.  Let me start with Klyne Snodgrass’s introductory words […]