The Great Omission

Recent Barna Study: 51% Of Churchgoers Are Unaware of The Great Commission Matthew 28:18-20 is the most well-known biblical record of what is commonly referred to extra-biblically as “the Great Commission.” But despite the significance of these and other verses that call Christians to “go and make disciples of all nations,” a surprising proportion of…

The Tale of the Cursed Fig Tree

Let’s hear the story of Palm Sunday from the perspective of the fig tree Jesus cursed. God placed our kind on earth on the third day of creation. We were planted into the soil in order to give ourselves away for others.  We give oxygen for all living things.  We give shade in the summer heat. We provide a…


Dear Beloved, I use that salutation purposefully, knowing how strange it must sound to contemporary ears: “Dear Beloved?” We live in an age of quickly shot-off emails and spontaneous texts that begin with an informal “Yo” or “Hey”(if there’s any salutation at all). But let me tell you why I use “beloved” in my weekly…

Tossed by the Waves (Eph 4:14)

On the one hand, we have a loveless Truth wrapped in verbal explosives running around blowing things up and worsening the divide. On the other hand, we have a soft, squishy inoffensive Love parading herself around as the best way forward for society, but she forgot to pack the Truth when she set out on her journey. 

Blogging Aloud in the Streets

My daily posts are my attempt to parade Lady Wisdom’s attractive figure across the busy intersections of Facebook with its whistling pedestrians casually scrolling about, passing the time, spying on old friends, watching silly cat videos, reading nasty meme’s and tripping over all the political trash littering the streets and ditches of the social media landscape. I only hope that occasionally someone will hear Lady Wisdom’s cry and stop to listen.

Where Thou Dwelleth?

Like the angels ascending and descending on Jacob’s ladder, the person who “abides” or “dwells” in Jesus by faith will experience the grace and peace of God ascending and descending in our lives on a regular basis. We’ll experience grace as Heaven’s promises descend into our valleys of despair and need. We’ll experience the “peace that surpasses understanding” as our faith leads our hearts in worshipful ascent to where we are seated in heavenly places and given a God’s perspective on things (Eph 2:6-7). 

Longings, Libraries & Ancient Portals

Once every few years, I’ll wander back to the upstairs of the Bethel University library and retrace my steps back to that holy ground where the light of historical curiosity once split the sky and blinded my time-bound vision long enough to glimpse Eternity through ancient eyes.

A Case for a Cruciform Justice

It seems hardly necessary to make an argument for the universally experienced suffering and injustice prevalent in the world. If pain really is God’s “megaphone to rouse a deaf world”, as C. S. Lewis argued, then the message is deafeningly clear and God might consider turning the volume down a bit. What then is the church’s appropriate response to the world’s injustice and suffering?