Your One True Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! While many will rely on Hallmark’s card writers to find the perfect words to say “I love you” today, some Christians might reach back to the famous “love chapter” of 1 Corinthians 13  read at many weddings. Yet, the man who wrote these words would probably find it quite strange that these…

Where Thou Dwelleth?

Like the angels ascending and descending on Jacob’s ladder, the person who “abides” or “dwells” in Jesus by faith will experience the grace and peace of God ascending and descending in our lives on a regular basis. We’ll experience grace as Heaven’s promises descend into our valleys of despair and need. We’ll experience the “peace that surpasses understanding” as our faith leads our hearts in worshipful ascent to where we are seated in heavenly places and given a God’s perspective on things (Eph 2:6-7). 

Climbing Mount Everest (Psalm 119)

We don’t think attaining “the blessed life” has any correlation with faithful obedience and diligent devotion! If Jesus was obedient for us, then we can lazily float away our days on a inflatable lounger in the pool of cheap grace.

Cold Snowdrifts to Warm Fireplaces

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains, where does my help come from.” Psalm 121 There she sits, windows all aglow, full of warmth and perched high upon Berg Mountain: our cozy home. But here we all sit at the bottom of the hill, tired from travels, cranky with coughs and sniffles, stranded in our mini-van,…

Longings, Libraries & Ancient Portals

Once every few years, I’ll wander back to the upstairs of the Bethel University library and retrace my steps back to that holy ground where the light of historical curiosity once split the sky and blinded my time-bound vision long enough to glimpse Eternity through ancient eyes.

A Case for a Cruciform Justice

It seems hardly necessary to make an argument for the universally experienced suffering and injustice prevalent in the world. If pain really is God’s “megaphone to rouse a deaf world”, as C. S. Lewis argued, then the message is deafeningly clear and God might consider turning the volume down a bit. What then is the church’s appropriate response to the world’s injustice and suffering?

Aching & Yearning for the Kingdom

A friend in ministry just texted me a light and fluffy Friday afternoon question: “I’m laying out a vision for Discipleship with my people on Monday. What are 3 awesome things about being a disciple? What are 3 awesome things about making disciples?” He might as well have asked me to sum up the mystery…