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Faces Downcast to Eyes Opened

Sitting around that table the hidden face of God suddenly becomes visible. The stranger becomes a dear friend. The empty hole in our heart is suddenly filled. The darkness is vanquished by piercing light. Hope is resurrected to dance a jig on the corpse of Despair. At that table the lump in our throat is replaced by an irresistible burning in our heart.

CrossRoad 4: Temptations

This Lent we’re exploring how the Cross was not just the way Jesus died, but also the new pattern for how Jesus’ followers are supposed to live. We’re called to not only embrace the CrossEvent, but also learn to walk the CrossRoad. The season of Lent begins with Jesus […]

My Annual Halloween Rant

The cute little ghosts and goblins, witches and vampires knocking on your darkened door with disappointment that you’re not home are NOT the evil we should be placing in the crosshairs of our spiritual warfare offensives.  Doesn’t the Bible itself warn us that “Satan disguises himself as an angel of light”?  So, why do some Christians get so bent out of shape over these cute children disguised as angels of darkness?

The Most Powerful Force of All

“I always tell my kids that while most people in the world just want to kill and get rid of the bad guys, Jesus wants to change bad guys into good guys. While guns have the power to kill bad guys, only love moves us toward an enemy with the compassion and hope for transformation. A gun or nuclear warhead can destroy our enemy, but only love has the potential to transform an enemy into a friend.”

GOLF & GOD (5): Water Hazards

The Coeur d’Alene Resort Golf Course of Idaho is the proud home of the world’s first floating green — an intimidating target with water on all sides.  But remember, “everything breaks towards the water.”  Ka-plunk! Splash!  Ever have one of those rounds where it seems as though if […]