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The Middle Path to Civility

I aspire to be a broad-minded person with strong convictions. I hope to inspire and cultivate this rare combination in those I teach and lead as a pastor. I fall short of this ideal daily, but we’re at least aiming for the right goal. Why is this a rare […]

Our Global Speech Impediment

PENTECOST REFLECTION | Gen. 11:1-9; Acts 2:1-21 Can you imagine Facebook or Twitter without disagreement or conflicting viewpoints? Can you imagine a world without political division? Can you imagine a world united by one language and motivated by one grand purpose? We live in a cultural moment of […]

Texts for Taming the Tongue

I compiled a sampling of sacred texts below that can help us be more loving and wise in our interactions on social media. If only all Christians would seriously consider these words before they send off that tweet or make that comment on a friend’s post. These are […]