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POEM: “Expand” by Danny Evans

Our friend Danny Evans is writing poems each week for a series of sermons on the seven days of creation based on Steve Wiens’ book Beginnings: The First Seven Days of the Rest of Your Life (2016). Enjoy!


by Danny Evans

Now is your chance for expanse.
It’s time to broaden where you are going to the God who is all-knowing.
This shift and stretch in life may cause a bit of strife,
But if you have faith in the Son,
This situation will be won.
I know you might not want to let go of what you possess,
But you will not be oppressed.
Stretch yourself with God’s help, and you’ll be blessed.
God will take your hand,
So you can expand.

POEM: “Light” by Danny Evans

Our friend Danny Evans is writing poems each week for a series of sermons on the seven days of creation based on Steve Wiens’ book Beginnings: The First Seven Days of the Rest of Your Life (2016). Enjoy!


by Danny Evans

The dark made all afraid,
But a spark came to its aid.
Before the light developed,
The dark kept all good things enveloped.
Despair filled the world
As it danced and twirled.
It thought it had all in hand
Until light came to visit the land.
Light made sure that dark would understand
That only his way would go as planned.
Joy came to visit all
As it locked out dark with a vast wall.

A New Year’s Poem

“Actions into Place” by Danny Evans
This new year leave the fear behind that is normally in your mind.
It’s time start anew. Let this ring true.
Let those thoughts go, for this is your opportunity to bless others and grow.
Make amends to all. Break down that wall, but remember, this is all your call.
No one but you can put these actions into place, but Jesus will help you with His grace.
So, hold out your hand, for He will make sure this year goes as planned.

“Keep Us Believing” by Danny Evans

“Keep Us Believing” by Danny Evans
Let us move toward The Lord as a reward this season as we choose to address our brothers by blessing our brothers.
This time we dare to prepare for the birth of Maker of the earth.
It’s a season we make the choice to hear His still, small voice.
We will become elated knowing what we will have celebrated.
So, finally, let us get ready for a season of gift giving and receiving and one that will keep us believing.

“With Care” by Danny Evans

“With Care” by Danny Evans
This Christmas season, let us not commit holiday treason by excluding anyone from celebrating the real reason.
It doesn’t matter how long someone has known God; give everyone the nod.
Some people will enter under a steeple for the first time this December, so give them Him to remember.
While we may all be different, we are all the same because we reside in Emmanuel’s name.
So, approach all with care as we share our peace that will only increase.

Glee by Danny Evans

“Glee” by Danny Evans
This time comes but once a year, but let me make it clear that everyday we should hold the real meaning dear.

This is the time of Jesus’ birth, who would give us worth here on this earth.

It’s okay to give gifts, but let us not drift from what it really means to give. That is to always love and forgive.
Let us spend time with the ones we adore. What else could we really ask for?
So, decorate the tree, but when done, get down on your knees to thank Him for filling your heart with glee.

Legacy (by Danny Evans)

We all come from a diverse background.
Some may be sound.
Others may be a roller coaster of lost and found. 
No matter where we originate, where we choose to navigate
despite this will say a lot about our future state.
Good or bad, your past is gone.
Let’s leave a legacy in which the light will dawn.
With work, friends, and family, let’s not just do good as a formality.
Let’s leave a legacy because Christ loved us first.
For He is who people really thirst.

Sowing in Tears


I recently preached a message from Psalm 126 which mentions “going out weeping” and “sowing in tears.” I used that message to encourage those of us who may be battling depression or facing difficult times to keep on “sowing” and “planting” even when you don’t feel like it, or when you don’t see immediate results. Keep planting God’s promises into the ground and keep getting out of bed, and to “not grow weary in doing good, for at the proper time you’ll reap a harvest if you don’t give up” (Gal. 6:9). Keep sowing, even if that means sowing in tears. Keep getting out of bed, and going out to face the new day, even if that means going out weeping.  We carry with us pockets full of God’s ripe promises — His seed that will not return void without accomplishing His purposes. Listen to message here. My friend Danny has a poem along these lines. Enjoy! -JB


The day starts, which is the hardest part. At the crack of dawn, people without depression give a yawn, get out of bed, and give their wings a spread.

They head out the door ready to explore. However, I lay with my eyes closed not tired, but my brain is racing, feeling wired.  I want to get up, but my body doesn’t allow. What do I do now? I think about putting my feet on the bedroom floor and exiting through that door. Now, I’ve got a goal in mind. It’s that inner strength that I need to find.