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POEM: “Expand” by Danny Evans

Our friend Danny Evans is writing poems each week for a series of sermons on the seven days of creation based on Steve Wiens’ book Beginnings: The First Seven Days of the Rest of Your Life (2016). Enjoy! EXPAND by Danny Evans Now is your chance for expanse. It’s time to broaden where […]

A New Year’s Poem

“Actions into Place” by Danny Evans This new year leave the fear behind that is normally in your mind. It’s time start anew. Let this ring true. Let those thoughts go, for this is your opportunity to bless others and grow. Make amends to all. Break down that […]

“With Care” by Danny Evans

“With Care” by Danny Evans This Christmas season, let us not commit holiday treason by excluding anyone from celebrating the real reason. It doesn’t matter how long someone has known God; give everyone the nod. Some people will enter under a steeple for the first time this December, […]

Glee by Danny Evans

“Glee” by Danny Evans This time comes but once a year, but let me make it clear that everyday we should hold the real meaning dear. This is the time of Jesus’ birth, who would give us worth here on this earth. It’s okay to give gifts, but […]

Legacy (by Danny Evans)

We all come from a diverse background. Some may be sound. Others may be a roller coaster of lost and found.  No matter where we originate, where we choose to navigate despite this will say a lot about our future state. Good or bad, your past is gone. […]

Sowing in Tears

I recently preached a message from Psalm 126 which mentions “going out weeping” and “sowing in tears.” I used that message to encourage those of us who may be battling depression or facing difficult times to keep on “sowing” and “planting” even when you don’t feel like it, […]

Redefine Me (by Danny Evans)

Co-dependency is my tendency. I worry what others think. I analyze every move considering if it was a wink or just a blink. Always apologizing even if I didn’t make a mistake is agonizing to take. I rely on the praise of people, but now I worship the […]