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THE BIBLE: Guidebook for Life

In this series of posts we’re exploring the different ways the Bible confronts the reader and the appropriate response to each. #5 – THE BIBLE AS GOD’S PRACTICAL GUIDEBOOK FOR LIFE The most popular approach to Scripture in modern-day America is to search it for practical principles for […]

LIFE VERSES 7: Acts 17:6

In this series I am sharing some of the passages of the Bible — or Life Verses — that have most impacted my own life.  “These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also….they are all acting against the decrees of Caesar, proclaiming that there is another king, Jesus.” […]

Combatting Soundbite Christianity

  One of the greatest concerns I have for the emerging generation is the growing pervasiveness of “mircro-communication” in their lives.  I recently saw a 15 year old girl featured on “Nightline” who sends 30,000 text messages on her phone each month.  Do the math: that’s 1,000 per […]

The Future of the American Dream

I heard a story on the radio recently discussing the fading reality of the “American Dream.”  The story said only about 57% of Americans still believe the American Dream is achievable or worth pursuing.  I say, “Die, American myth, die!!” I happen to believe that many (not all!) […]


“There is a beautiful and powerful grassroots Kingdom movement arising all over the globe …. Millions of people are abandoning the Christendom paradigm of the traditional Christian faith in order to become more authentic followers of Jesus. From the Emergent Church movement to the Urban Monastic Movement to […]

“The Limbaughization of Christianity”

What happens when the gospel of the Jesus-shaped Kingdom of God is intermixed with a political ideology?  Answer: Listen to any political talk show pushing a political agenda while buttressing it with religious rhetoric usually involving the phrase “Judeo-Christian” values.  Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, offers a very […]