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Pastors & Prophets, or Political Pundits?

My worst fear — and it is well-founded — is that the white church will continue to be influenced and shaped more by partisan political rhetoric than by the God-ordained, Biblically drenched, Jesus-centered pastors and prophetic Christian voices God has placed in our lives for such a time as this. 

Evangelicalism’s Big Trap

My teacher Scot McKnight just published a piece at Jesus Creed, now hosted at Christianity Today online, warning Evangelicals of the trap of “statism” running amok in Christian circles. This statism was on full display in the reactions to Mark Galli’s editorial piece on Trump a few weeks […]

On Reading Scripture

This week I am teaching on the nature of the Bible — authority, inspiration, infallibility, etc. — in my Christian Theology class at Solid Rock Discipleship School. I dug up this post from 2011 I wanted to share again as we begin a New Year. In the October […]

Boomers, Millennials & Bible Study

I was reading a piece today in Christianity Today (October ’17) about how Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) is trying to reinvent themselves to reach more millennials. This widely respected Bible teaching ministry birthed just after WWII is almost 60 years old, and is struggling to get people under 40 […]

A Non-Anxious Presence in an Anxious World

Christianity Today (September ’16) featured the findings of a LifeWay Research survey that asked 2,000 people who do NOT attend church what would draw them to one. The results were revealing: Skye Jethani, on the Phil Vischer Podcast, insightfully asked the following question while discussing this survey: What does it […]

33 Under 33 at Christianity Today

Wow. Talk about coincidence! I just shared a post reflecting on my journey as a young pastor and the significance of the year 33 for me. I picked up the latest Christianity Today issue and the cover story(!) is titled 33 Under 33. The subtitle reads, “Thought that Millennials are leaving the […]