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The True Origins of Halloween

Does Halloween have Christian origins, pagan origins, or both?  I’ve heard much of the ancient celtic Druids and the pagan festivals of the dead, and so on.  Yet, today I read another perspective that challenges the pagan origins and argues that Halloween has very pure, Christian roots. I […]

Which Government Do You Serve?

The political climate in America this week is boiling hot on the heals of Sunday night’s signing of the Obamacare proposal.  There is an apocalyptic like mood on the conservative right, with talk show hosts prognosticating on the eventual collapse of America as we know it. Today, I […]

MOVIE REVIEW: The Blind Side (2009)

The most inspiring, heart-warming cinematic experience of the year for me has been without question The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock. While this movie based on a true story is sure to win over everybody’s heart, there is a special significance for Christians viewers.  Coming out just in […]