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Four-Fold Response to COVID-19

Archbishop Foley Beach has written a pastoral letter to the Church suggesting four actions points needed for Christians to respond in faith to the coronavirus emergency.  We are to trust God, be informed, be prudent and always act in love. I especially like his suggestion to pray Psalm 46 at home as a […]

Q&A: On Mindfulness & Meditation

I was recently asked a good question: What do you think about the popular practice of “mindfulness” and “meditation”? Here’s my initial response. I’m not sure what kind of “mindfulness” you’re critiquing. Eastern meditation seeks to empty our minds, to be mindful of our own “inner divinity” and […]

Me & Jesus Cruise the AM Dial

It all began when I turned my knob from FM to AM on my radio dial. I was about 19 years old and had discovered the new world of talk radio. It began with non-stop sermons on a Christian station nurturing my new hunger for Bible teaching. Before long I was also drinking in my daily dose of conservative political talk as well. I was hooked. But then Jesus came along …