Early Christian Worship & Persecution

How did the first Christians gather and worship? We don't need to guess, or piece a picture together from the sparse comments in the New Testament. We have descriptions from historical sources outside the Bible such as Pliny the Younger, Justin Martyr, Tacitus and Seutonius. Before we read their firsthand accounts, John Gooch gives some … Continue reading Early Christian Worship & Persecution

Q&A: On Mindfulness & Meditation

I was recently asked a good question: What do you think about the popular practice of "mindfulness" and "meditation"? Here's my initial response. I’m not sure what kind of “mindfulness” you’re critiquing. Eastern meditation seeks to empty our minds, to be mindful of our own “inner divinity” and mindful of the Oneness that permeates all … Continue reading Q&A: On Mindfulness & Meditation