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QUOTABLES: God’s Sovereignty

“If there is one single molecule in this universe running around loose, …then we have no guarantee that a single promise of God will ever be fulfilled. Perhaps that one maverick molecule will lay waste all the grand and glorious plans that God has made and promised to […]

Are Calvinists Right?

Scot McKnight is sharing his own journey of wrestling with Calvinism at Jesus Creed.  Here’s  a snippet, and I recommend you read the rest of the forthcoming series. I found two major weaknesses in Calvinism’s theology (and also a disorientation in its architecture): first, the emphasis of its […]

Judgment, Salvation & “Missional Election”

A very “meaty” article today at Jesus Creed navigating the tough theological topics of God’s “election,” “salvation,” and “judgment” interacting with the views of Calvinism, Arminianism, Barth’s third way and a newer concept called “missional election.”  Go check it out HERE.  Here’s a snippet: We, the Church, have […]