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Cabin 21: Sweat it Out

Jesus led me out of the Fishing Room, down a corridor, deeper into the mysterious Fish House. The walls and ceiling were all of warm, sweet smelling cedar planking. Lanterns lined the walls giving the place a cozy cabin feel. Under my feet, the ice was replaced by […]

Cabin 05: Meeting Jesus

I was awake well before the sunrise. I paced the house, deep in thought. What will it be like to meet Jesus face to face?  How should I address him? A handshake? A hug? Should I fall down prostrate in worship? Should I offer him some toast and orange juice?  […]

Cabin 04: Riding Shotgun

After a short snooze, I awoke. Restless. Nervous. No sign of my family anywhere. I still had no sense of time, and my surroundings still looked altered in some inexplicable way. Familiar and yet strange. Hazy yet somehow clearer than ever before. I tossed and turned, trying to […]