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10 Challenges of Being a Pastor

By Hershael York  By its very nature, the field of pastoral leadership is fraught with such incredible difficulties that we must say with the Apostle Paul, “Who is sufficient for these things?” Leading God’s people is unlike any other task in the world — which is why it requires […]

The Weeping Pastor

“You’re name is NOT Jeremy!” the large, black man shouted into my ear with his thick Caribbean accent. His hands were heavy on my shoulders as he stood over me as I sat helplessly in a chair in a dim-lit room. “Your true name is Jeremiah! You are […]

The Me God Made Me to Be

I wrote an end of the year reflection in December, doing some introspection. Its the final chapter in my Soul Artisan book. I thought I’d risk sharing some of it here.  -JB Planting the church almost killed me. There are parts of me that still haven’t recovered 6 years later. […]

Pastors: The Happy Job?

This is from Mark Stevens, who blogs at the Parson’s Patch: Are most Pastors really happy? I read an article recently that listed pastors as the happiest of all workers. It appears being a pastor is the most fulfilling of all vocations. Second on the list were fire-fighters (now […]