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War on Wokeness & Evangelical Whoring

Here’s a much needed rebuke of the erroneous charge that Christians like me who are advocating for biblical justice have somehow gone liberal or “gotten woke.” Mike Bird is a respectable biblical scholar. By Mike Bird: In my mind, acknowledging the reality of racism, discrimination, and injustice – […]

Beyond the Melting Pot

In the age of Trump, Christian leaders and committed followers of Jesus know deep in their bones that a kind of “melting” needs to take place if the message and mission of the gospel is to bear fresh fruit in a culture where so much is rotten.

On Reading Scripture

This week I am teaching on the nature of the Bible — authority, inspiration, infallibility, etc. — in my Christian Theology class at Solid Rock Discipleship School. I dug up this post from 2011 I wanted to share again as we begin a New Year. In the October […]

THE BIBLE: Guidebook for Life

In this series of posts we’re exploring the different ways the Bible confronts the reader and the appropriate response to each. #5 – THE BIBLE AS GOD’S PRACTICAL GUIDEBOOK FOR LIFE The most popular approach to Scripture in modern-day America is to search it for practical principles for […]

THE BIBLE: Divine Encounter

I want to repost a series exploring the many different ways God speaks to us through the Scriptures.  #1 – THE BIBLE AS DIVINE ENCOUNTER There is a significance difference between examining God’s written Word on the one hand and having a personal encounter with the Living God […]

Life Verses 1: Intro

Most people don’t read the Bible at all.  Some Christians read them a bit,  trying to apply a “daily verse” to their life somehow. Few experience what you might call “inhabiting Scripture” — entering into the text, plumbing its depths, making your home in a particular scripture long […]

John Calvin the Preacher

We’re honoring the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation at MainStreet this month by exploring some of the key figures. Last week we focused on Luther, and I preached a portion of a Luther sermon. This week we’re meeting John Calvin! I can’t think of a better place to […]

Apocalyptic Literature: 4 Views

How does one approach reading and interpreting the strange, other-worldly Book of Revelation? Here’s a short introduction and overview of the four main approaches often used.  INTRODUCTION Interpreting Revelation and other apocalyptic literature, like any specific genre, demands its own set of prescribed rules.  Yet, when we approach the […]