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The Word is Dynamite

God’s Word to us doesn’t always have shiny wrapping and a big red bow attached. God’s Word isn’t always warm and fuzzy. God’s Word sometimes needs to hit us like a ton of bricks. When we open our Bibles we stumble into an old library full of stories of holy confrontations and sacred summons.

War on Wokeness & Evangelical Whoring

Here’s a much needed rebuke of the erroneous charge that Christians like me who are advocating for biblical justice have somehow gone liberal or “gotten woke.” Mike Bird is a respectable biblical scholar. By Mike Bird: In my mind, acknowledging the reality of racism, discrimination, and injustice – […]

Beyond the Melting Pot

In the age of Trump, Christian leaders and committed followers of Jesus know deep in their bones that a kind of “melting” needs to take place if the message and mission of the gospel is to bear fresh fruit in a culture where so much is rotten.

On Reading Scripture

This week I am teaching on the nature of the Bible — authority, inspiration, infallibility, etc. — in my Christian Theology class at Solid Rock Discipleship School. I dug up this post from 2011 I wanted to share again as we begin a New Year. In the October […]

THE BIBLE: Guidebook for Life

In this series of posts we’re exploring the different ways the Bible confronts the reader and the appropriate response to each. #5 – THE BIBLE AS GOD’S PRACTICAL GUIDEBOOK FOR LIFE The most popular approach to Scripture in modern-day America is to search it for practical principles for […]

THE BIBLE: Divine Encounter

I want to repost a series exploring the many different ways God speaks to us through the Scriptures.  #1 – THE BIBLE AS DIVINE ENCOUNTER There is a significance difference between examining God’s written Word on the one hand and having a personal encounter with the Living God […]

Life Verses 1: Intro

Most people don’t read the Bible at all.  Some Christians read them a bit,  trying to apply a “daily verse” to their life somehow. Few experience what you might call “inhabiting Scripture” — entering into the text, plumbing its depths, making your home in a particular scripture long […]