Boulevard of Broken Dreams

LECTIONARY REFLECTION | Psalm 119:97-104 In  1983 a shaggy haired rock ’n roller John Cougar Mellencamp released a new ditty called “The Authority Song.” The song captures the rebellious spirit of a teenager railing against authority figures who, in his mind, love putting people in their place and sucking all the fun out of life. … Continue reading Boulevard of Broken Dreams

A Powerful Collision: God, Bible, Authority & Narrative 1

In the winter of 2000 my entire life was turned around, flipped upside down and spun inside out. I was a confused, well-intentioned, yet directionless 20 year-old sophomore at Bethel College decided to open up the Book of Acts in hopes of some general inspiration. Something remarkably simple yet profoundly powerful took place that evening … Continue reading A Powerful Collision: God, Bible, Authority & Narrative 1

Pastor 9 – Baby Boomers’ Bondage to Self

Another excerpt from Will Willimon's book "Pastor." In this section, Willimon addresses a mindset common among Baby Boomers (and passed down to their children, I might add): "A few years ago, three sociologists, noting the huge decline in memberships being suffered by mainline (now fast becoming the old-line or sidelined) denominations, described what they termed … Continue reading Pastor 9 – Baby Boomers’ Bondage to Self

Pastor 5 – Scripture & Modernity

More highlights from my reading of Willimon's book on pastoral ministry: "Reading Scripture in the context of modernity has proved to be particularly challenging for us pastors.  The Bible is old; the newest parts of it were written about nineteen hundred years ago. Because modernity believes in the notion of progress, it tends to be … Continue reading Pastor 5 – Scripture & Modernity