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The Perils of Preaching Today

“We come to the Bible, raising questions about its relevance to our present daily lives, only to find that the Bible questions us about our relevance to the way of Christ.” -Will Willimon We’re modern people. We value efficiency and practicality.  We like quick how-to tutorials that immediately […]

A Different World is Calling You!

This is the most significant spiritual lesson I have learned in my entire life – perhaps. There is a world of difference (literally, a “narrative world” of difference) between (1) being a religious person who holds certain beliefs in their head, and (2) a person who has decided […]

The Future of the American Dream

I heard a story on the radio recently discussing the fading reality of the “American Dream.”  The story said only about 57% of Americans still believe the American Dream is achievable or worth pursuing.  I say, “Die, American myth, die!!” I happen to believe that many (not all!) […]

MOVIE REVIEW: “Revolutionary Road”

If you like fun, action packed thrillers or light-hearted, heart-warming romantic comedies, then Revolutionary Road (2008) is definitely NOT for you.  However, if you like well-acted, deeply moving stories that tackle the deeper issues of life such as the search for personal happiness and purpose, finding meaning and […]