Theology Resources

Below are “Multimedia Learning Options” for my Theology class.


The Shack (2017)

The Case For Christ (2017)

The Adjustment Bureau (2011) – A love story starring Emily Blount and Matt Damon exploring ideas of God’s sovereign plans and human free will. So good!


Ask N.T. Wright Anything Podcast – Choose any two episodes

Unbelievable? Podcast | Justin Brierly – Choose any episode that interests you

Reasonable Faith Podcast | William Lane Craig – Choose any episode

Theology in the Raw Podcast | Preston Sprinkle – Choose any episode

The Bible Project Podcast | “God Series” – Listen to any episode


Rethinking How We Read the Bible | Bradley Jersak & Mike Erre | Voxology

Does God kill his son? Does God commit genocide? How do we read the Scriptures in the light of the cross and revelation of God in Jesus? Listen here.


“Rethinking Life After Death (N. T. Wright)

“The Language of God: Intellectual Reflections of a Christian Geneticist” (Francis Collins) – Meet a Christian evolutionist, former head of the CDC, and founder of BioLogos, Francis Collins.

“Did God Punish Jesus on the Cross?” William Lane Craig vs. Greg Boyd

Young Earth vs. Old Earth Debate | Ken Ham & Jeff Zweerink (

The God Delusion Debate | Richard Dawkins vs. John Lennox (

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The Case for Faith Video | Lee Strobel (

Strobel draws upon his formidable investigative skills to find satisfying answers to emotional barriers that have separated men and women from God for centuries.

Is God Great? Debate | Christopher Hitchens vs John Lennox (

Romans 9 – A Calvinist View of Predestination | John Piper – Click HERE.

Romans 9 – Twisted Scripture: Another View | Greg Boyd – Click HERE.

BioLogos Basics Series | Ten  2-min videos explore the age of the earth, evolution, and more. Watch entire series.

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Everything is Spiritual | Rob Bell ( (NOTE: WE WILL WATCH THIS IN CLASS TOGETHER) 

Debate: Does God Know the Future? (White vs. Sanders)

Letters from a Skeptic Q & A (Greg Boyd)

Note: This is a playlist of 65 video clips addressing all kinds of questions, many you have probably had as well. Choose several for an hour’s worth of content.

“Reading Genesis 1-2 Through Ancient Eyes” | John Walton (

“Being a Christian in a Post-Christian Culture” | Timothy Keller (

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