Below are some resources for exploring the Enneagram, a powerful personality typing system. But first a bit of my story.

My Journey with the Enneagram

As a person averse to all things “trendy,” I spent many years rolling my eyes at those crazed enthusiasts of the Enneagram. A friend gave me Chris Heuertz’s book The Sacred Enneagram on my 40th birthday right before I went on a summer sabbatical. I decided to spend my time away taking a “deep dive” into this ancient personality typing tool at last, to see what all the hubbub is about.

I was quickly won over with the accuracy of the nine types for mapping the human soul, and it’s usefulness as a tool for growing in self-awareness and greater compassion for others. Contrary to popular opinion, the Enneagram is not just another personality tool created by psychologists (e.g., Meyers-Briggs, DISC, StrengthFinders) to describe your traits, strengths and behavior patterns. In the hands of certain Christian teachers, it becomes a wisdom tool with ancient spiritual roots that exposes our unique “deadly sin” and unmasks our unconscious motivations, core fears and longings. 

My exploration of the Enneagram was enhanced by a concurrent exploration of the Christian contemplative tradition in general and reading heavy doses of Thomas Merton and others about the True and False Self in particular. This was a powerful combination for me personally that helped shed new light on some of my own identity struggles in ministry and relationships. Likewise, as I’ve shared insights from the Enneagram in my sermons and small group discussions in church, I have been met with interest and elicited many comments about how helpful this tool for growing in self-knowledge and helping couples relate to their spouse better. 

Some of my writings from a series called “Pilgrimage of the Soul” can be read hereherehere and here. Now for some resources I have found helpful along the way.

Websites & Online Assessments

The Enneagram Institute | Most reputable source based on Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson’s work including most accurate online test for $12.

Your Enneagram Coach | Assessment, Courses & Coaching | A Gospel-centered approach to the Enneagram

Christopher Heuertz Blog

Ian Morgan Cron | Enneagram Assessment

Helen Palmer and the Enneagram | Overview of each type including videos

Discovering Your Enneagram Type with Leslie Hershberger



This was my entry point into the Enneagram. I enjoy the Jesuit spiritual tradition behind this book connecting Enneagram to ancient Christian tradition.

Enneagram expert Chris Heuertz provides some history and “A Starter Enneagram Library for the EnneaCurious” here. Other more popular level books which I have read are listed below. 

The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Study to Self-Discovery by Ian Morgan Cron | A great and accessible primer I really enjoyed.

The Sacred Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth by Christopher Heuertz | A good primer that leads to spiritual growth pathways for each type.

The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective by Richard Rohr | My favorite book as it connects the Enneagram to the ancient Christian thought on “deadly sins” and more.

The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey to Healthy Relationship by Suzanne Stabile | I haven’t read this yet, but Suzanne is my favorite guru and I love her podcast.


Brief Overview of Nine Types with Ian Morgan Cron | A great place to start!

Introduction to the Enneagram with Father Richard Rohr 

This was my initial crash course with the Enneagram, and I appreciate his anchoring the insights of the Enneagram in the ancient Christian contemplative tradition.

Your Enneagram Coach | Beth McCord |YouTube Channel

If you want a more Evangelical and overtly biblical approach to the Enneagram, this is the place for you. Learn the Enneagram from this collection of helpful videos. Here’s a sample:


Once you have a basic grasp of the nine types, these three podcasts are amazingly helpful at demonstrating the power of the Enneagram for gaining insight into yourself and others through interviews with each type. If you want to go deeper than taking an online assessment, dig into these podcasts.

UnknownThe Road Back to You Podcast

This weekly podcast, hosted by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile, looks at life through the lens Enneagram, an ancient personality type system that describes how human beings are wired. 


Unknown-2Typology Podcast with Ian Morgan Cron

Typology features interviews with thought leaders from every sphere of life, including renowned Enneagram authors and teachers, psychologists, theologians, artists, business leaders, neuroscientists, philosophers, and more.

The Enneagram Journey with Suzanne StabileScreen Shot 2019-11-04 at 5.36.48 PM

Growing in self-awareness we can improve our relationships and promote community, patience, and tolerance. Hosted by Suzanne Stabile, author of The Path Between Us and co-author of The Road Back to You and my (Jeremy) favorite Enneagram guru.

Brief Overview of Types