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85. Beatitudes of Bethlehem 2: Climbing Companions The Anchor

In this episode, Jeremy invites us to join Jesus on the Mount of Beatitudes this Advent, becoming his "climbing companions," and pondering who is truly blessed among us. More at http://www.KingdomHarbor.com.  — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/jeremyberg/message
  1. 85. Beatitudes of Bethlehem 2: Climbing Companions
  2. 84. Beatitudes of Bethlehem 1: Garage Roof Epiphany
  3. 83. Christmas on Mount Mystic
  4. 82. The Chosen 8: Jesus Was Here
  5. 80. The Chosen 7: The Earnest Spiritual Seeker
  6. 79. The Sins of Our Fathers
  7. 78. Sipping Grape Juice with the 'Dead'
  8. 77. Soul-Winning Coffin Salesmen
  9. 76. The Chosen 6: Fear & Rigidity Keep God Out
  10. 75. Hello, Soul!

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