The Word is Dynamite

God’s Word to us doesn’t always have shiny wrapping and a big red bow attached. God’s Word isn’t always warm and fuzzy. God’s Word sometimes needs to hit us like a ton of bricks. When we open our Bibles we stumble into an old library full of stories of holy confrontations and sacred summons.

Cicero on How To Be A Friend

In the year 44 BC, Cicero was in his sixties — an old man by Roman standards — living on his farm outside of Rome removed from political power by the dictatorship of Julius Caesar. He turned to writing to ease the pain of exile and the recent loss of his beloved daughter. Among these works was a short essay on friendship dedicated to Atticus.

A Prayer for Our Nation

by Matt Erickson Let us join together in praying this prayer today. Lord, we lament the state of our nation.Lord, we lament the divisions between us as people in our nation that we cannot seem to resolve. Lord, we lament the pain, confusion, hatred, and violence that seems […]