Mining For God

When I find myself revisiting the valley of the shadow of death and making mental mud pies in the pit, the mind of my “flesh” tells me I’m in Enemy territory. The Spirit of Truth reminds me, “The light shines in the darkness.”

Olde Tyme Letters Speak Today

This fall I will be writing pastoral letters to my congregation as part of my doctoral program. Seeking inspiration and models, I have been devouring letters from many spiritual writers such as Henri Nouwen and Eugene Peterson. I still love the olde time wisdom packed into Francois Fenelon’s letters (1651-1715). […]

A Weekend at the Father’s Cabin

The Father’s Cabin is an account of Jeremy’s imaginative and prayer-generated journey to a quiet, northern lakefront cabin where the Son of God himself is our host and guide. The Father’s Cabin illuminates scripture and kingdom truths in a creative narrative style that is full of both witty humor and profound insights. This is a trip you’ll never forget!