I’m a Doctor!

I’m thrilled to share my past four years of doctoral studies has resulted in a thesis that has been approved. You can call me Dr. J if you want! :) I have been researching sages & students in the ancient world, and having the time of my life with renowned New Testament scholar Scot McKnight.

WATCH: Snake Bite

We’ve all been bitten by the Serpent of Old, and the venom of sin in all its various forms courses through our veins. Where can we LOOK for healing? Jeremy’s message from John 3:14 and Num. 21 with scripture readings by Peter & Isaak Berg.

This is the Way (Skye Jethani)

Dominionism, and the Christian nationalism it has spawned, are antithetical to the cross. It is a false gospel and those who preach it have their minds set on the things of man (fear, power, and control) and not the things of God (faith, hope, and love).

Ashes & Oil

This year Ash Wednesday felt even darker than other years. A service that ends with ashes smeared on your forehead with the words, “From the dust you came, and to dust you shall return,” is always a bit of a downer. But our mortality feels a bit more […]