Advent Service (Week 3)

This week’s service features a talking camel, jumping jingle bells, a message on “Blessed are the Merciful” from Jonnie Goodmanson and music from our MainStreeters abroad – Jared & Shannon King – who live in Slovakia, as well as special music by Jonnie & Jeremy.

Blessed are the Fed Up

In this fourth beatitude, Jesus gives a sympathetic nod to all those who are so hungry for a more just world that they have become angry at all that stands in the way. Blessed are all the irritable and bad-tempered perfectionists and battle-weary social activists who are ready to punch a hole through the wall or throw a brick at the television.

Blessed are the Underachievers

While the “Most Likely To Succeed” badge may come with a superstitious curse attached, the “Class Mooch” has a very real cultural curse attached to it. In America we celebrate self-made successful people, and look down on the moochers who are dependent on others. What do we make of Jesus’s 3rd Beatitude that seems to promise the farm to the underachieving brother?

Pure Thanksgiving (Skye Jethani)

Beneath the surface, sometimes even hidden from our own awareness, may lurk a more manipulative intent behind our gratitude. The believer sometimes thinks — If I offer these prayers, if I give these sacrifices, and if I show my gratitude for past blessings, then God will bless me again.