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Cabin 09: It Just Keeps Going

As the party died down and people began to disperse, Jesus offered me a tour of the Father’s cabin. “Now, as you probably already know in my Father’s house there are many rooms,” he said tongue in cheek. I chuckled as he quoted himself again. “Yes, I’ve heard.” […]

Cabin 08: Cabin Bash

I took in the beautiful landscape as we approached the cabin door. “Everybody’s waiting to meet you,” Jesus said. Gulp. Now what? I was anticipating a private weekend alone with Jesus. I was hardly in the mood for a party. As the door opened on the small cabin […]

Cabin 07: Come & See

As we neared the Father’s Cabin, I began to imagine what it would look like. Would it be a magnificent mansion on an imposing hill?  Would it have all the modern conveniences of a royal summer resort? So far all my expectations had been turned upside down, so I […]

Cabin 05: Meeting Jesus

I was awake well before the sunrise. I paced the house, deep in thought. What will it be like to meet Jesus face to face?  How should I address him? A handshake? A hug? Should I fall down prostrate in worship? Should I offer him some toast and orange juice?  […]

Cabin 04: Riding Shotgun

After a short snooze, I awoke. Restless. Nervous. No sign of my family anywhere. I still had no sense of time, and my surroundings still looked altered in some inexplicable way. Familiar and yet strange. Hazy yet somehow clearer than ever before. I tossed and turned, trying to […]

Cabin 02: The Invitation

My heart nearly lept out of my chest with excitement. And yet the lump in my throat was hard to swallow. I was paralyzed with delightful dread at the thought of a personal invitation from Jesus. “What kind of an invitation?” I asked. Again, still wondering who the prankster […]

Cabin 01: The Voice

I was jolted out of a deep and dreamy sleep by my vibrating cell on my night stand. Light beamed through the crack in my window shade, a sharp focused ray of sunshine right in my face. Blinded and disoriented, I fumbled for my phone. As my eyes […]