A New Year, A New Song

If you’re like me, this New Year’s Eve you can’t decide if you feel like singing for joy as we put 2020 in the rearview, or whether you feel like crying alone in a corner, sucking your thumb, and loading up on comfort food to numb the pain and trauma of 2020. The wisdom of the Scriptures would suggest we probably need to sing most when we mostly feel like crying.

Christmas Communion (in Subzero Temps)

This Christmas Eve we gathered outside the chapel in subzero temps under the stars that decorated Christ’s birth. In the midst of a global pandemic, we could not gather inside the chapel together. Still we came, the few but faithful, to receive the Holy Eucharist while trembling in the cold, and perhaps trembling with anxiety in these uncertain days.

WATCH: Blessed are the Speechless

In our “Beatitudes of Bethlehem” Advent series, we’re looking at how the familiar characters in the Christmas story already foreshadow and embody the Beatitudes Jesus would launch his upside-down Kingdom ministry talking about. This message looks at Blessed are the Merciful and Zechariah’s speechlessness in the face of God’s tender mercy.

Blessed Are the Speechless

We are only reading half the story if we focus only on the speechlessness of Zechariah. Before long the mute will become a minstrel, the silenced one will become a songbird, the castigated will become a crooner for Christ. And what will be the song on Zechariah’s lips?