Kingdom Harbor

Dr. Jeremy Berg | Pastor. Professor. Writer.

Jesus Walks

“Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it.”

-Matthew 11 The Message 

JESUS WALKS : Immersive Discipleship

Nature Walks + Wisdom of Jesus

We’re seeking Kingdom apprentices willing to go beyond the classroom and the sanctuary for an immersive, life-on-life discipleship experience. Join Pastor Jeremy Berg for a series of Wisdom Walks and Kingdom Talks in locations designed to let nature’s landscapes amplify some of Jesus’ most memorable lessons. We’ll discuss worry and contentment among the birds and wildflowers, ponder God’s grace among the grazing sheep, navigate doubts and fears as we cruise on Lake Minnetonka, and more. 

Our home base at Gale Woods Farm featuring green pastures and grazing sheep, walking trails and sloping hills down to the lake feels just like Galilee. 
Our Lake Minnetonka boat adventure takes us to Goose Island where we’ll share a picnic and talk about fish and nets and walking on water along the way.
Noerenberg Gardens places us among the birds and wild flowers to reflect on Jesus’ teachings about anxiety and God’s abundant provision.

Contact Jeremy if you’re interested in taking some walks.