As an ambassador of Christ, I’m making disciples and proclaiming the Kingdom beyond the church walls to those who need it most—young adults starting out and senior citizens trying to finish the race well.

As of 2023, MainStreet Covenant Church can no longer support a full salary, so we’re praying for 20 new monthly supporters for Jeremy to continue leading the church and fund this vital ministry to young adults and the elderly who are often missing in churches today.

Your partnership makes possible:

  • MainStreet Covenant: For 12 years this church has been impacting lives, making disciples, and serving the Westonka area. Help us continue!
  • College Outreach: MainStreet has commissioned me to go teach & disciple young adults all week, reaching those often missing in churches.
  • Harrison Bay Senior Outreach: Each month we bring a worship service to the residents at Harrison Bay, bringing love and hope in Christ.
  • Pastoral Letters Outreach: I have written hundreds of heartfelt letters over the past few years to encourage lonely hearts and weary souls.
  • Online Resources: features 1000+ articles & devotionals, 25+ books, sermons, videos, Anchor Podcast, and more.
  • NEW: Jesus Walks Discipleship: I want to develop a peripatetic discipleship program featuring 12 walks exploring 12 essential teachings of Jesus.

We are breaking new ground and reaching more people than ever before, but we need your financial partnership to keep us going. All donations are tax-deductible and go through MainStreet Covenant Church. Read more about this exciting transitional season of ministry here. Click on donation button for ways to give. Send checks to: MainStreet Covenant Church, P.O. Box 38, 2801 Westwood Road, Minnetonka Beach, MN 55391

“I am fighting terminal cancer, and Jeremy’s letters always bring such solace in this season of hurt and heartbreak. God speaks to me through them.” -JOHN, FLORIDA

“Coming to a Christian school was something I was nervous about, since I did not grow up in a Christian home. I learned so much from Jeremy’s notes and stories as a pastor; they developed me as a believer.” -STUDENT, UNW

“Last night was exactly what I needed. I was given some eye-opening things to think about. I’m looking forward to many more nights by the fire. It was so good!” -SUNDAY ATTENDER